TRIM Command

TRIM Command

This software can schedule TRIM commands with Windows Task Manager. This is very helpful and most SATA 3 Controllers on the market do not Support the TRIM command. Also helpful for people still using Windows XP and Vista as these versions of Windows do not send the native TRIM commands. According to these references found in the WIKI; Microsoft’s MSDN reports about TRIM command in Windows.

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For the SSD that I have access to, the following SSD Toolbox programs are available for manual TRIM commands.

Intel SSD ToolBox.   Version:3.2.1 Date:02/13/2014


Intel SSD Toolbox Home

Intel SSD Toolbox Home

Intel SSD Toolbox scheduler.

OCZ SSD Toolbox version:  Date: 11/27/2013

OCZ provides a toolbox for manually running the TRIM command on their products.


OCZ SSD Toolbox

A noticeable difference between the two is that the Intel Toolbox can be scheduled. At this time, I have not found how to schedule the OCZ Toolbox to run on the OCZ Agility Drive.





Of course if we are willing to invest into SSD and controller cards to run them, we are going to want to know if they are running at their expected performance levels with all features enabled. There is a simple command to run in an elevated (admin) Dos Prompt.

The command is: <strong>fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify</strong>
fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

If you get back the result: <strong>DisableDeleteNotify = 0</strong> Then good news, TRIM commands from the Operating system are enabled.

Next step is to test if the TRIM command is being received by the Drive.

Check out and download TrimCheck by Vladimir Panteleev.
Links provided here:


You will get a small executable file name trimcheck-0.6.exe. I have found in the past to just copy the executable in the same folder and rename it for easy use. So here I renamed trimcheck-0.6.exe to tc6.exe. Run this from an elevated Dos Prompt in the Drive letter of the drive you want to check. Here I am checking the N:\ Drive.

Trimcheck working

Trimcheck working

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