MDADM – Raid tool

mdadm - pepper

Mdadm – Pepper


Here is where I will tinker with the Linux MDADM command “Multiple device admin”. I will make volumes both in Virtual environments, mostly Virtual Box by Oracle and physical sets. I want to do this to learn and write about performance and hardware failures. In case I ever encounter these error in the PROD environment I will have experience with it.

Virtual Sets are important for odd settings, long build and creation times. I can create virtual disks on an SSD for faster results. I also have the ability to roll back with VM snap shots when my tinkering had wonderfully unexpected results. That is why I do this, I love discovering things.

That moment when you say “ This is interesting….

Physical Sets are important to build for testing performance and life expectancy of hard-drives, controllers, cabling and external cases. Some setups that may work in VM may be impractical as a physical set.

I will link all the resources that I found helpful here and give credit where credit it do as I build a repository of MDADM knowledge here.

I have a variety of hard-drives at my disposal and even a QNAP network device.

On my to-do list now:

Upcoming Posts:

  • Desktop drives vs NAS drives
  • Controller cards to host physical sets
  • Branded Enclosures
  • Troubleshooting a broken Volume
  • Having a Cold backup – Why its best practice to have a backup of your data regardless of raid .


  1. Marvell Controllers
  2. Silicon Image Controllers
  3. LSI / Intel Branded Controllers
  4. The differences in shielded eSata cabling verses standard sata cabling.
  5. Performance differences
  6. Intentional breaking of volumes for the fun of repairing and testing for data integrity.


–Creating volume–

–Setup with system–

–Maintenance and Monitoring Setup–

–Repair, Recync, Rebuild–

–Tear down–




* There is no Pepper version, I just added that for my own flavor.

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