Windows 10 – driver problems

Windows 10 platforms

Windows 10 platforms


I have been testing Microsoft’s Window 10 TR since December and I have to admit that I really like it. Combined with ClassicShell 4.2 for a more familiar start menu, and 8gadgetpack I have the complete Win8.1+ experience.

I prefer to use CoreTemp for CPU temperature monitor and GPU observer for GPU temperature monitoring. These two gadgets is why I install them and the gadget pack.

I am writing this post to help others if they find that their Win10 system starts to act funny about the sound drivers. Mostly Realtek high audio, Windows will try to force a driver update and this will fail and loop forever. Win10 Release 10041 and 10049 both have this problem.

I found it better to just get the drivers from RealTek at here  and manually install them to prevent this problem. I also noticed that I needed to stop the Windows Update service in order to install the updated Nvidia drivers.I will add pictures soon.

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